Ages 3 and above

At The Learning Buzz your children will be able to learn English the fun way and develop their English prowess with the impressive programme we use. True understanding and application of the language is made relatable for children from the ages 3 and above. See your little ones bloom and grow into confident English language users, using this famed phonics literacy programme. The ideal feature about a phonics literacy programme is that as soon as the children have understood the basic letter sounds and mastered the act of sounding out, they can begin to read and spell countless simple words.

The phonics literacy programme that we use has been developed on decades of experience of the aptitudes children’s minds. On top of that, it is completely systematic. It is possibly the most systematic literacy program available globally.

This essentially means that your children will always feel self –assured when it comes to the reading-and-writing learning process, not pressured, because every level and chapter is carefully calibrated. This ensures a succession of successful experiences for your children that boosts their confidence and encourages them to continue learning.