The Learning Buzz was established in Metro Genting Kelang, Setapak in January 2014 with the key purpose of instilling English language skills to children aged 3 and above.

The Learning Buzz boasts a steadfast commitment to quality and excellence, by ensuring that the students receive the very best in terms of the learning experience. Together with the easy-going atmosphere and desire to learn, the teachers’ teaching methods stretch beyond just traditional classroom experiences. The Learning Buzz aspires to establish close bonds with parents for the developmental betterment of the students. In all aspects, The Learning Buzz intends to play an important part not just in the development of the child’s literary excellence but also character.

A secure educational foundation lies within the hands of the teachers. Our teachers are highly skilled, determined and receptive individuals, committed to instilling the foundation for your child’s holistic success.

At The Learning Buzz, we use a universal approach to teaching, which essentially means “moulding holistically”. We focus on skills such as reading literacy, vocabulary enrichment, critical thinking, social awareness, creative writing and behaviour development.