How we use the Phonics Literacy Programme to Help Children with Learning Difficulties

The phonics literacy programme that we utilise works remarkably well for children with learning difficulties. In fact, many organisations and parents have invested in buying the programme, using them for remedial or special needs classes.

The key reasons the phonics literacy program works so well for children with learning difficulties are:
Firstly, it is logical. The children are only required to learn the sounds of letters and because of this we find that they develop good vocabulary repertoire – including many words they have never seen.

Secondly, it is gradual. The children learn in a system where even slower learners promptly understand what they are being taught. This is because no step in the learning process is ever too great. The steps are easier and more enjoyable.

The programme is especially simple and enjoyable for children with Dyslexia. Since phonics methods teach children to sound out words, this makes it simpler to remember the position of letters in words than it is with other methods of reading. If a child wanted to spell a word correctly, he or she would simply need to sound it out from left to right. Hence, the brain learns to move from left to right and not to jump around the text; which is something dyslexic children struggle with.

While dyslexic children will definitely take longer to learn to read and write, we are confident that most of them will, using our programme, make solid, definite and faster progress. Importantly, because of their regular successes, they will grow in reading confidence.